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More than an ornament.

June 25, 2017 Leave a comment

I saw a social media post about a friend’s daughter attending a pride parade and saw a comment about how beautiful she was and it made me think:

Why is the first thing (and so far only) to be said about her? She’s grown up and there’s no denying she’s a good looking woman (most people are) and I’m sure she knows this. What makes her exceptional is her work to make her corner of the world a better place whenever she can; she’s an active volunteer for several causes. We need to stop giving our girls the impression that they’re mainly here as ornaments.  Praise her community work and leave any objectification to her girlfriend.

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June 23, 2017 Leave a comment

There’s a lot of buzz in the news about a Canadian sniper setting a new distance record and it made me think of my time with my unit’s marksman team.  The thing is I never fired a single round during that time because I was a GD (General Duty) on the team and responsible for supporting the guys taking a marksmen’s course.  I spent my days  loading magazines, making coffee, fetching lunch, and patching targets at the range so the guys on course could focus on shooting.  I was a storesman.

There were some really good shots in my company, the company clerk was a Queen’s Medalist for goodness sake, and many of my friends and coworkers were excellent shots but I was only ever a fair shot but a consistent one:  Laying in the mud and rain, in the blazing sun with a boiling mirage, hung over, sleep deprived(not necessarily related to a hangover), or out of breath from running didn’t hurt my aim as badly as most.

Reminiscing made me do some arithmetic:  I haven’t fired a weapon in nearly 18 years!



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Premarital classes.

June 17, 2017 Leave a comment

Someone I know is getting married and someone I know just ended a two year relationship.  I’ve been thinking about the premarital classes my fiance and I had to take before being married.

I believe any couple should actively study effective communication skills before getting married.  It doesn’t have to be through a church.  Take the time together to learn how to convey your needs.  Learn that people show love in different ways.  It’s simple stuff but everybody doesn’t necessarily know it.  There is nothing to guarantee a relationship will survive any given day but this exercise certainly helps your chances.  You may learn through this preliminary process that you’re not compatible with the person you love and I believe that if this happens you should seriously reconsider; it’s better to be alone than with someone who is a bad fit.  In spite of what The Beetles said, Love is not enough.

For people I know taking premarital classes I usually have two things I tell them:

  1.  SEX & MONEY:  The minister won’t tell you this but if you keep these two things good it’s lot easier to tolerate BS from your significant other.
  2.  TAKE THE CLASSES EVEN IF YOU THINK THEY’RE TOTAL CRAP:  Even if you don’t believe that the lessons are necessary,  consider that you and your fiance working together to deceive a minister in order to be married is an AWESOME team-building exercise.  See?  It works no matter what.



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No, Mom. I’m not in trouble.

June 17, 2017 Leave a comment

I notice a belief a lot of people seem to hold: That if someone finds themselves in front of a judge, they must have done SOMETHING wrong and the concept of the accused having rights is nothing but an affront to all victims of crime.

Whenever I read about the Jordan decision somewhere, the reader commentary seems to always be about criminals walking free. Doesn’t anybody want to suggest that maybe an innocent person’s life was put on hold for too long while waiting for things to be resolved?

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A story from the radio.

May 27, 2017 Leave a comment

I was listening to a story on the radio about Dr. Kona Williams.  She is Canada’s first first nations forensic pathologist.  It was a wonderful story that started with a little girl who loved to figure things out and ended up with her being a doctor.  Within this story there is a more important and sinister story:

On the radio she talked about encountering racism from two fellow medical school applicants while waiting to be interviewed.  There is a chance those two applicants have become doctors themselves and are viewing their patients through a bigoted lens.  First nations patients already have to deal with negative assumptions being made about them when getting health care and adding a couple more bigots to the mix doesn’t help; I bet it will shorten some people’s lives.

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A thought.

May 27, 2017 Leave a comment

Yesterday I listened to a story on the radio about a first nation doctor and it made me think of another recent medical story about a Saskatchewan nurse who was fined for unprofessional conduct when she complained about medical care relatives received.

When a criminal won’t inform on their colleagues we gripe about the culture of silence.  When a medical professional is in the same situation it’s called being professional.   In both cases those who do inform are often despised as finks.

My thought is this:  Of both groups, whose actions or carelessness destroy more lives?

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Reminiscing about the best deadpan I ever saw.

April 18, 2017 Leave a comment

A coworker’s husband had a bunch of tools stolen and it made me think:  Once I was loading a large break bulk shipment onto my truck in Langley and talking with some of the yard boys who were helping:  The subject of people using handicapped parking spots when they didn’t need to came up and I shared a hope that those people were seated in the same section of Hell as tool thieves and pedophiles.

One of the yard boys stopped me, “HEY!” With an absolutely straight face he asked, “don’t you think you’re being kind of rough on the pedophiles?”  It was wonderful deadpan and drove home the point that tool thieves aren’t well liked.

If you think you’re being offered stolen tools you may be tempted to either buy them or punch the fence in the mouth.  Don’t do either of those things.  Call the police.

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