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July 1, 2015 Leave a comment

A former coworker put a post on Facebook about a dog locked in a car during warm weather that made me think about an incident like this I encountered while working in facilities at Vancouver Island University.

I was working on a sunny day when I heard a call on the radio from one of our landscapers, who was in a parking lot near me, asking for help to do with a dog locked in a parked car.  I got on the radio and offered to bring up a hammer from my tool kit to smash the window but the dog wasn’t in distress yet so they took the time to track down the owner through their parking pass number.  They were pulled out of class to let their dog out.

I was looking forward to busting that window….I could have been a vandal and hero with a single swing of the hammer!  I wouldn’t have cared about it coming back on me either.  Do you know what redress you have when someone breaks your car window to rescue your dog from death by heat stroke?  NONE.  You hang your head in shame, apologize for troubling the folks that intervened, and hope that you’re contrite enough to be allowed to keep your dog.

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