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Being put in my place by a stereotype.

September 9, 2016 Leave a comment

Last Friday there were some problems at work that resulted in the dismissal of a sawyer.  At the climax of the situation I used one or two four letter words in the office so this Tuesday, after the statutory holiday, I went up to apologize for the foul language I had used the week before.  They said it was fine, especially considering the situation, and one of the staff added that they were used to dealing with mill workers.  What is that supposed to mean?

So, as sawmill workers, just exactly how are we supposed to talk?  There is very little foul language on the floor and NO rude or vulgar subject matter in the conversations at lunch.  There are no rules or policies, just a bunch of guys working in a big shed, and most of the talk is G-rated with the occasional escalation into PG territory.  This is why I felt the need to go into the office to apologize for cussing.


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