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Premarital classes.

Someone I know is getting married and someone I know just ended a two year relationship.  I’ve been thinking about the premarital classes my fiance and I had to take before being married.

I believe any couple should actively study effective communication skills before getting married.  It doesn’t have to be through a church.  Take the time together to learn how to convey your needs.  Learn that people show love in different ways.  It’s simple stuff but everybody doesn’t necessarily know it.  There is nothing to guarantee a relationship will survive any given day but this exercise certainly helps your chances.  You may learn through this preliminary process that you’re not compatible with the person you love and I believe that if this happens you should seriously reconsider; it’s better to be alone than with someone who is a bad fit.  In spite of what The Beetles said, Love is not enough.

For people I know taking premarital classes I usually have two things I tell them:

  1.  SEX & MONEY:  The minister won’t tell you this but if you keep these two things good it’s lot easier to tolerate BS from your significant other.
  2.  TAKE THE CLASSES EVEN IF YOU THINK THEY’RE TOTAL CRAP:  Even if you don’t believe that the lessons are necessary,  consider that you and your fiance working together to deceive a minister in order to be married is an AWESOME team-building exercise.  See?  It works no matter what.



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